[v11] Some items did not get their price when added to sale order (item prices)


Just tried on beta.erpnext.com to add Wind Turbine-S in a sale order. The item does not retreive its price.
Just tried on my own dev server, what I noticed is that if I set a price for a template, all variants fail to get their prices when added to quotation or sale orders.

is that a bug?

Hello @hiousi
Greetings from Frappe! Thanks for your interest in ERPNext.

I replicated these steps on beta.erpnext.com, yes, it’s not fetching the price, but it allowed me to add and proceed. About setting prices in template and failure of variants fetching them, that’s not a bug. I tested it in my version 11 account and the Item Variant was able to fetch the price when added to Sales Order/Quotation.
Perhaps, there has been some erroneous Item variant creation done on your dev server?
Hope this helps.

@jaichavan you are lucky because the price is still $0 for me. Did you add a price for the template or for the the variant? (I’m not allowed to edit item prices)

For a Standard selling order, the price for Wind Turbine-S variant should be $400, because it gets its price from template. right?

I’ve proposed a fix: