(v13.6.0) How do I "Disable" reports I don't want to show in list? The disable button not displayed in v13.6

I am new to v13.6.0 and I have been struggling with how to disable the reports in the system that have no meaning to my business. I want to do this in order to reduce the clutter in the report list down to only the reports relevant to my business.

In previous versions of ERPNext there was a “Disable” button in the upper right corner of the report page that would allow this so that I could filter the report list to only enabled reports. There does not appear to be a way to do this any longer!!

Here is a screenshot:

Notice in the upper right corner there is no longer a disable button. The check boxes for “Add Total Row”, “Disabled”, and “Disable Prepared Report” are not functional even to the Administrator.

So, exactly how am I supposed to set this report to “Disabled”?

Just in case you were wondering…

Here is a screenshot of the drop-down menu from the “…” icon in the upper right corner. There does not appear to be a way in this list to disable the report either.


So I am really at a loss here for how to disable all of these unwanted reports.

Has anyone else figured out how to do this in v13.6.0?


Hi, Are you tried developer mode?

Umm… No.
I have never used developer mode. I always run production machines.

I should not have to try to enable a developer mode in order to do something so simple that it had it’s own button on the page in every past version.

I really do not want to try to enable a developer mode because to often that could interfere with my continued testing of the system as a viable production resource.

This has always worked in production mode before. It had it’s own button even as recently as v13.4.1 at the top of the screen. So why did it go away?


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You’re right but I have found many issues that can only be solved on developer mode. Try this:

  1. Set developer mode on
  2. Access ERPNext using Administrator credentials
  3. Disable reports
  4. Exit
  5. Set developer mode off

Worked for me.

That is insane!

How am I supposed to shut down a live production server for this?!?
It is ways in use. I would have to schedule a time with the users to agree to shutdown for such a site change.

What nonsense we get trapped into


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Any updates from this one? Even on the latest version of v13 I think this is an issue

I think the developer mode mentioned above is the site developer mode and not the bench instance running in development mode.

This should explain: How to Enable Developer Mode in Frappe