Why is there no way for regular users to disable reports?

I ask about this some time ago here:


And now we are at version 13.11 or 13.12 and there is still no way for the users to disable (or set to “Not Active”) the meaningless reports in the report list. Currently there are reports for healthcare, education and many regional reports that have no bearing at all on many businesses.

Users are forced to wade through over 200 reports to find the ones they need when large chunks of the list could easily be hidden from view by setting them to inactive or disabled. In all versions prior to v13 there was even a button in the upper corner of the report to allow you to disable it.

Why can we not have that now?!?

In my previous post we were told we had to go to developer mode to disable the reports.


Why is it so hard to allow users to clean up their report lists and not force them to get developers involved?

If there is a really good reason for this, then just tell us so we can say: “Oh, I wish it were different but I can see why now.”

Why treat us like we aren’t worth talking to as users?!?

Please explain the reasoning behind such a drastic change in protocol. Those of that have been long time users, over several versions, would really like to know why we have had this ability taken away.

Anyone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I even thought I might try doing through the export/import tools. I successfully exported the Report list and set the flags in the export file to turn off the reports I didn’t want to show. Great idea, right?!?

Not so much…
There is no ability to IMPORT the reports list!!!

Why go through Soooooo much trouble to keep us from reducing the reports visible in the list?!?

Really… just WHY???


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Good luck with getting an answer to your “why” question, my friend.
If you find someone who knows, ping me. I have a few hundred additional questions I’d like answered. :frowning: