[V7] Dropbox Backup Error

Hello -

I included both “dropbox_access_key”: “ACCESSKEY” and “dropbox_secret_key”: “SECRECTKEY” in my site_config.json file.

But since [V7], I’m receiving an error message: Please install dropbox python module.

Can anyone help me with that issue please?

Beside adding keys to site_config.json, have you enable Dropbox Backup and allow your system to access Dropbox app here: http://somesite.com//desk#Form/Dropbox Backup?


Hi Lucky -

Thank’s for the response. The error window shows up when clicking on “Allow Dropbox Access” buton.

def get_dropbox_session():
		from dropbox import session
		frappe.msgprint(_("Please install dropbox python module"), raise_exception=1)

	if not (frappe.conf.dropbox_access_key or frappe.conf.dropbox_secret_key):
		frappe.throw(_("Please set Dropbox access keys in your site config"))

	sess = session.DropboxSession(frappe.conf.dropbox_access_key, frappe.conf.dropbox_secret_key, "app_folder")
	return sess

can you enter bench console and try to import session from dropbox?

~/frappe-bench$ bench console

In [1]: from dropbox import session

Or you can just install requirements.txt again into bench’s python environment

user@machine:~/frappe-bench$ ./env/bin/pip install -r apps/frappe/requirements.txt 

Thank you Revant -

I tried with booth option but error message popup window is still there. Any other idea?