[V7] How to add custom fields appear on POS?

Is there way to show custom fields on POS form in v7?

Another case… How to make serial no to appear on POS? Is there any option for this?


Hi @rohit_w

Any response to this? I believe @jof2jc is referring to the receipt (POS print format) and its actually quite a pressing issue. Almost all retailers of serialized items require the serial numbers to appear in the printed receipt for warranty issues etc. Also, there’s often need to include custom fields like shop address, contact details, cashier name etc on the receipt. How do you do these? Editing with the Print Format Builder doesn’t seem to work

Please advise


Hi @wale,

Currently custom field not works on the POS
To add serial no in the POS print format use item_object.serial_no(see attachment), for more please check default print format Point of Sale.

POS only supports the print format of type JS, you can create the new print format and linked with the POS profile

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Any progress on this? When it comes to POS, i notice there isn’t much replies to solve the question.

Hi @rohit_w

Trust you’re doing well. There’s a lot of blank space at the bottom of the Point Of Sale Invoice and this wastes a lot of paper while printing receipts. How can it be adjusted please?