Value of some items in stock analytics and stock balance are different

Why the value of some items in stock analytics and stock balance are different ?

You can post relevant screen shots so that someone can look at the issue you are trying to report

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In Stock Analytics the item showing the value of Rs.16,137.19/-

In stock ledger /stock balance it showing Rs. 16,749/-. Some items are showing different value when compared the stock analytics and stock balance.

Looks like we’re facing the same issue.

Its surprising that no one have responded so I don’t think I must have been resolved.

We are getting quite big difference in the value of Stock in Hand in Chart of account AF current date and also Stock In Hand in Trial balance against year end when comparing these values to Stock balance.

Trial Balance Values are Matching General Ledger Values
But the above report’s values are not matching with Stock Balance and its causing the client to not get auditors approval.

Have anyone else faced the same on latest V11 ? We’re still investigation but cannot find the reason of difference in core reports


the same issue came in v13.0.0-beta.11 (version-13-beta)

Stock ledger balance and stock balance report are different in qty.

We can not submit the sales invoices and purchase invoices

This is a critical issue.

This has happen with new update.