[Version 11] Merge window is closed, please add new features on develop branch only


There needs to be a hard stop on new features in version 11 otherwise we will never be able to stabilize it.

Please add new features in develop branch only (version 12).

Edit: if you want to use the new features yourself, please move to develop branch, we use develop internally for production @ Frappe, so it can’t be so bad. I think Eso is also on develop



Yes for a version release the endgame timeline should put a freeze on additional new features.

Thereafter only fixes to new features are allowed and encouraged, but at some point that must be cut off too.

The goal is for the code and tests to ‘converge’ to get the release out the door :slight_smile:

As a user, this brings up a question. Which version will be the equivalent of a LTS release? Which version should a user patronise going forward for all their customisations?

Currently using v10 but v11 has lot of exciting features. When can we now tentatively expect v11 to stabilize?



No one easy response to your questions - surely each user case is different so that all depends.

The deal is as a community we all contribute and share for the common good. But we also must inform and take responsibility for our own due diligence and way forward.

To answer that this should give some insight V11 Release Date

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Has anyone been able to install the develop branch on GCP? I have been trying to do this for who-knows-how-long and i have not succeeded. If any one can point me to how i can achieve this it will be appreciated.