Version 5 Setup Error

I have downloaded a Virtual Image from below link

Also I am using Virtual Box

Also I have updated the version of ERPNext using

cd frappe-bench
bench update

My problem is when I actually do the setup of version 5, system gives me an error message as shown below.

Setting this Address Template as default as there is no other default
Duplicate name Activity Type Manufacturing
Another transaction is blocking this one. Please try again in a few seconds.

Fixed the issue, update again

Hi Nabinhait,

Still missing the icons in here.

Many thanks and regards,

Hi Nabin,

Still there is an issue, kindly look into into.

Now I am not able to do anything.

I am sharing the screenshot for your reference.

The moment I try to open localhost:8080
it stuck up here only nothing comes further

Your update has failed.

Can you share the trace of what you get when you do bench update

Ups. I am sorry, I thought I had writen this in another thread I had started. :confused:

Good evening,

I’m also trying to setup the Virtual Image, I have updated the bench successfully, but at the very last step of the setup wizard I’m getting the very same error:

Please advise.

Thanks, David

We will push an update soon, you might have to update the VM once more.

Its resolved after ‘bench reinstall’
You can close this topic

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thank you for your quick response and support. I have done as instructed and I’m not getting the error anymore. However, when I login into ERPNext after the bench reinstall, I now only have limited modules and applications available:

Thanks, David

Sorry, forgot to install ERPNext app

'bench install-app erpnext'

this will install ERPNext

You can also install ERPNext from Browser.
Click on Installer - > ERPNext → Install
Then complete initial setup

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Thank you for your help, it’s working fine now.

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‘bench reinstall’ works for me…
I think there is an issue with VM…so please try to correct in VM (if its there!).