Version 8 to 9 Upgrade Issue

We are trying hard from last two weeks to upgrade our ERPNext 8.0.65 to ERPNext 9.0
ErpNext 8.0.65 is hosted on different server, from where we need to relocate it to other hosting provider. We have already taken a backup of ERPNext 8.0.65 version, but the moment we restore this database to stable version of ERPNext 9.0 it shows a message “Your site is still being updated”. The page continues to show this message.

We have also tried hard reset the 9.0 version to 8.0.65, where it lets me sign in to the Admin account but then shows “Module pyPDF missing” . After installing pyPDF we are able to see all our users but can’t see the employee information / Events /Leaves or other information which we have created.

Kindly help us ASAP, as we need to shift to different hosting provider soon.

Thank You in advance !

Have you run bench --site <your-site-name> migrate after restoring the database? You need to run that to update to v9.
And after running bench migrate, you cannot went back to v8.0.65, because the database schema has already been changed and is no longer compatible.


Yes we have tried " bench --site migrate " after restoring the
database. The situation is we cannot restore the database of 8.x.x to
9.x.x, so we are trying to manually install erpnext 8.x.x where exctly we
are facing problems. We are not able to manually install 8.x.x version. Can
you share the steps to guide us?

Please share the traceback of the error while restoring the database.


Attached as requested.

The traceback you provided is one for bench new-site and other for bench get-app command, which are irrelevant I think. Please try to create a new site with different name and then try to restore the database. And share the traceback here by copy & paste, instead of taking screenshot.

I am getting the same Module pyPDF missing error after updating!

We are not able to get any document for manual installation of erpnext v8.0.46. Can anyone help us with steps?

Hello @Tejal_Thakur01,

Here I share one link, I hope will help you.

Below is the link for the video tutorial and user manual.