VM/OVA File of ERPNEXT V13.14 Ready to use

Hello Friends
I am posting here the first time but this platform help me a lot.
I see that many friends are getting errors while updating to v13.
and many people required a V13 OVA file
so I made a copy of the v13.14.0 production image here is the link

If any friend gets internal server error after restoring the image please follow the steps below.
edit mysqld.service file with any editor like nano

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/mysqld.service

On the file change


save file

bench restart
and reboot VM

version of VirtualBox i Used v 6.1
erpnext v13.14.0 production image
frappe v13.14.0
ubuntu v 18.04


Thank you so much have been looking for this

Working great by now, thanks a lot!

Please How do I run it on esxi 6.5

i’ve no experience with esxi 6.5 hope this link will help you.

May you share vm for erpnext 14 please

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I’m working on it and soon I’ll upload ERPNEXT 14 OVA file

can we have v13.39 ova file?

Looks like the offical download page linked from the github repo has been removed:

hi waiting for this did you manage to finish it

Visit this post.