Vote for your favourite Contributors for the 2023 Conference


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  • Last year winners have been excluded

Best Framework Contributor

  • Suraj Shetty
  • Sagar Vora
  • Raffael Meyer
  • Sharique Ansari

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Best ERPNext Contributor

  • Deepesh Garg
  • Ruthra Kumar
  • Rohit Waghchaure

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Best App Developer

  • Saqib Ansari (Insights)
  • Jannat Patel (LMS)
  • Janhavi Patil / Nikhil Kothari (Raven)
  • Rucha Mahabal (HRMS)

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Best Forum Contributor

  • Nihantra Patel
  • Brian Pond
  • Mohsin Ali Matiya

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Best Evangelist

  • Hussain Nagaria (BuildWithHussain)
  • Umair Sayyed
  • Nabin Hait
  • Shridhar Patil

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I’m honored and humbled to see my name on the Best Forum Contributor list.
However, many of my most-popular contributions were made in -prior- years. (I’ve been rather quiet in 2023.)

Still, I have been watching and reading these forums throughout the year. And two of my personal favorite contributors are on the list to vote for! :clap:

So I wish my friends Nihantra Patel and Mohsin Ali Matiya the best of luck! They are both much more deserving of this nomination than I am this year. :saluting_face:


First of all, a big thank you to my friend @brian_pond and the entire community for nominating us. :pray:

As our friend @rmehta mentioned, last year’s winners :trophy: aren’t in the running this time but I want to give a special mention to the legendary @revant_one, who’s basically the king :crown: of the ERPNext forum. :prince: Their contributions are what make our community so strong and powerful. :muscle:

I’m mostly active on the forum side of things, and besides the folks in the nomination list, take a look at current year’s contributors. I’d like to mention some amazing friends like @avc, @ankush, @peterg, @snv, @TurkerTunali, @mangroliya, and more. :hugs: I can’t list everyone because our community is massive! If you’ve shared an idea or solution, you’re a fantastic contributor in my book. :brain::bulb:

So, it’s time to cast your vote for your favorite contributor! :ballot_box: Go ahead and show your support. Remember, there are no losers here – we’re all winners :trophy:, and together, we’ll build an even stronger community! :muscle::star2:

Thank You!


For Best Forum Contributor My vote for @NCP.