Web Form: Redirect to external URL on success


I a guest submits a form you can redirect the guest to an URL.

It looks like the the URL is appended to the main domain, e.g. if you enter “www.google.com” it will be redirected to “erpnext.example.com/www.google.com”. This page does not exists.

How can I forward a guest user to an external URL?


Hi everyone,

I can not even get the form to redirect to any site…justl ike mentioned here: Web Form - Contact form won't trigger Success URL

Hi @zefanja,

the following solved this for me.

frappe.web_form.handle_success = () => window.location = frappe.web_form.success_url

Also this works for users who are logged in :slight_smile:

If this also works for you, please mark this thread as solved. Thanks.

credits to go @Not_a_countant


Great! Thank you!

Thank You… Solved for me…