Webhooks are not triggered for Items updated via Data Importer

Hello All,
I have configured a webhook for Items after_insert and on_change. The hook are not getting triggered for the items that are created or updated through Data Import.
However, the hook works perfectly fine when i create or update items manually.

Note: Tried the same with beta version import as well

Your response is much appreciated.

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Webhooks are triggered when doc_events are triggered.

Data entered using SQL query (in code) doesn’t trigger webhooks.


Thanks @revant_one for your reply,
If I understand it correctly doc_events will not get triggered when an Item is updated using Data Import tool( both classic and beta). I am not using custom code or SQL to upload the data.

Change log is getting captured when we update the Items using Data Import. If this is the case will the doc_events not get triggered?

Is there a way the webhooks can be triggered for Items updated through Data Import.

Have you found a solution for this?

As per @revant_one, webhooks will not get triggered for records changed via data upload. Alternatively once the data are uploaded, select all the entries from list view and mass edit any field. You can have a custom field like date or timestamp. This will trigger webhooks as we are changing from the list view.