What is the best solution to add warehouse location , Bin,Rack

I am ready to invest in that

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count me in, would like it to be the Aisles, racks, and Bins to be visualize and always picks old items first based on expiry dates.

this is currently done by creating each bins as warehouse

We already support Warehouses and Bins. Bins are created on doing a stock transaction against a warehouse. They are unique for Item-warehouse combinations.
We don’t support isles and Racks as of now, but wish to do it in the near future. Can you tell us the additional expectations with a use case ?

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I think it can be handle essay with item Batch without any customization in erpnext
but it need a very clear and structure codification for bins,racks and batches
also you can user Barcodes and RFID for faster inventory
it will be interesting master data and warehouse location structure
we can help in that

I think there was a discussion about this here too : Warehouse Bin System