What is the best way to setup two types of Cess Taxes?

I need to configure ERPNext to add support for two types of Cess Taxes besides GST.

  1. Health and Education Cess (4%)
  2. Other Cess (1%)

What is the best way to add support for Cess besides GST which is already working for me.


Can we know under which law is this applicable to you? Not GST definitely?
What is the use case and where are you trying to apply this?

It’s probably somehow linked to this:

(that page also links to a hindu version)

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I never said that it is related to GST. But it may become part of India Compliance.

A new rule has been released where if you are selling to Indian government then Cess has to be applied.

It is heard that from April 1st 2024 all bills will attache Health and Education Cess @ 4%.

I found this post thread that probably may help solve this problem but may be it is not the right way to approach this problem.