What is your ERPNext story?

What does your company do? What are the most valuable parts or heavily used areas in ERPNext in your organization?

I am especially interested if someone is using it for IT Consulting, software development services and selling licenses.

This has been asked and documented. https://erpnext.org/stories

its best to ask specific questions.

Unpinning, since we ran this thread fairly recently. (Share Your ERPNext Story)

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Thanks for the clarification. I assume then, that there is no one our there, that uses ERPNext for software development services and selling licenses? This is the closest, that is on the list is MahaOnline. But a joint venture of Tata and the Indian government is a big stretch to compare with a 150 employee company from Germany. :smiley:


Can you give specific requirement?

I have few clients who uses ERPNext for Software Services.

You can use subscription module for recurring billing/ licences.

Timesheet and Task to track hourly billing task.

Resource allocation is not present in ERPNext, but you can do customisation to allocate resources.

Edit: Frappe also use ERPNext for its hosting platform and billing