What kind of IDE for python do you use to develop Frappe?

I want to develop frappe by IDE.
What kind of IDE for python do you use to develop Frappe ?

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I was planning to use NetBeans. Is anyone else? Python seems to be supported again, and I find the interface cleaner and easier to use than eclipse or PyCharm.

Start with sublime text (or Textmate on Mac). The most IDE like feature you’d use is jumping files and browsing the directory tree. For code completion, you can integrate your text editor with Jedi

I’m coding Frappe by sublime text. But i want to debug it. Can i use PyCharm or eclipes ?

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@pdvyas, I’ve thought about switching to sublime text after hearing other people say good things too. What are your favorite plugins for erpnext development? Can you say more exactly how to integrate with Jedi for code completion? I’m used to the Javadoc-type of inline documentation (with assist from editor/IDE), how does ERPNext/frappe compare?

What is a reasonable debugging workflow? Server/Python? Client/Javascript? Between Python and Javascript?


I have a few experience code C# , Java. I can use Visual Studio or Eclipse . then I can debug workflow. It eassy with me. I want to ask Can I use Pycharm or Eclipes open Frappe and I can debug workflow. I’m begining with Python. I don’t have a lot of experience with Python. Many method in frappe or Erpnext which I can’t understand, so I want to debug workflow or Understand it.

@Dale_Scott I do not use Sublime text (Vim user). But you can follow this guide Sublime Text as Python IDE - jedi by Timo Zimmermann
The virtualenv is at frappe-bench/env

We also do not have experience in using an integrated debugger (that uses pdb) but the workflow is

  • edit code
  • (server automatically restarts if file changed, if you use bench start)
  • refresh the browser page

We just use print statements in case we want to see values.

“The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed print statements.”
– Brian Kernighan, “Unix for Beginners” (1979)

@JackLe If you want to try out /test frappe or any other utility functions, try using bench frappe --ipython. It will bring up a python interpreter shell and you can run any arbitrary python code.

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thank you for your help.
Jack Le