What's the better "way" do to this, in frappe?


I have some DataType, like: Sell and Costumer…

in DataType Sell, I create a field linked to Costumer, but when I enter in Sell form, show me Costumer ID, instead of Costumer Name.

My question is: What’s the better way to do show in Sells the Costumer Name, not Costumer Id?


You have to set 2 fields, customer and customer_name, no better way

Ok, but… how can I do this? Because, when I put the cursor on Costumer Field, I can search by name, but… after select my costumer, the field show the ID…

Any thought, how can I do these?

Already replied, have 2 fields.

Ok, but I don’t understand how to do these… I don’t know if I have specific in my question…

I have a linked field, when I put cursor on that I can Search my costumer… but when I select the costumer, in the field, show my the ID not the Name…

I don’t see how 2 fields help me in these case… because I want to have 1 field to set my costumer…

Like this: when I search my costumer:

After, when I select my costumer:

I need to show “Jose” instead CONT0001…

How can I do these?


Try to put another field with customer.name in its option. For example:

your customer field name is “customer” and the new field “customer_name” the option should be like this customer.first_name


Trata poniendo otro campo readonly que al momento de seleccionar el cliente automaticamente asigne el nombre que tiene.

En la propiedad “opcion” del campo cliente_nombre escribe: cliente.nombre_del_campo_del_nombre