When will chat be ready for v13

Hi guys,
Any clue on when can we have the chat module ready for erpnext 13…
this is really imp for our business n clients.

I’m not aware of any plans to add chat back to core, and there haven’t been any merges recently to suggest otherwise. If you really need chat, your best bet would be to put it into a custom app.

have found this :

but if more detailed installation instructions can be given that will be great.

which files do i nd to delete…


Wow, that’s great! First I’m hearing of it.

It appears to be installed like any other app. The documentation should contain instructions for that.

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Hello, I am the developer working on this app. The README is now updated. You don’t need to do anything else other than the normal app installation process.
Do let me know if you face any issues.


chat app is working on frappe develop branch.

hey buddy, thanks for the great work… really appreciate it…
so it wont work in normal production branch ?

It would work fine no issues.

i am on v13.11 latest … cant see chat icon… rebooted system too
i did both steps…

  1. Get the app from the repository.
$ bench get-app chat
  1. Install the app on your site.
$ bench --site your-site.local install-app chat

Fix chat css js URI by ossplus · Pull Request #4 · frappe/chat (github.com)

You can edit the file manually, or wait the offical.
After you edit the file manually,
Please eun bench build --app chat to build the required css and js.

this will not work on the previous versions because the build process is completely changed in the latest version.

Is it working with frappe version-13 branch?

but i am not on previous versions… i am on latest 13.11… so it should work…

Your frappe version should be the one which introduced the new build system.

is 13.11 not on new build system ? but its the latest i think buddy

@nihal_47 will this work ?

13.11 does not have the latest build system as per my knowledge.

ok so which version has it buddy… i will install that, pls tell

Use the develop branch, it will always work.

but i am on prioduction… its a live client project installed in a company…