Which file is for home? I want to edit navbar and home?

thank you @rahy im new thats why having hard time to understand. really thanks for your help.

how do you edit it in cutom app?

Same question here :slight_smile:
As far as I know, it is only possible to replace files that are within templates/www. Therefore: How did you do it? I would expect, that you have to replace the method that actually calls the navbar.html?

erpnext (or frappe)
|- erpnext (or frappe)
|-- templates
|-- www 

(documented by @rahy before :wink: How to customisation website footer in version-12 - #5 by rahy )

I still did it not get working, yet. Any tip on how to “replace” the
by my own navbar.html based on my custom app?

Just adding the file within my app in the given folder structure won’t work (as I think I have to “tell” Frappe, that it should overwrite the original with mine. Normally I would guess to manage this within hooks.py, but I didn’t came to a solution, yet)

… what I’ve missed was to reference the navbar.html also within my modules build.json and run
bench build

You mean this is the solution?

You mean this is the solution?

Only for the sub-question regarding, how to modify the navbar.html-file.