Which file is for home? I want to edit navbar and home?

Please help,
I want to edit home after we sign in to desk, how to add custom button which file to edit?

For navbar, go to “Navbar Settings”.
Not sure what you mean by “file for home” - if it is about to manage the shortcuds/ cards part of the “Home”-page, this is called a “Workspace”. Therefore, go to “Workspace List” and configure it as needed.

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I want to add button on navbar, and customize workspace.
I’m new so don’t know which file should i update for navbar

Do you mean the html file?
They are mostly in frappe/frappe/templates/includes/...

That is what I am saying.
For navbar just type “Navbar Settings” into the search bar.
For Workspace, do the same, type in “Workspace List” and select the one you want to edit / create a new one.

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added this code in navbar_settings.js

frappe.ui.form.on(“Navbar Settings”, “refresh”, function(frm) {
frm.add_custom_button(__(“Show”), function() {
frappe.msgprint(“Custom Information”);

no sir, i just want to add functional button on navbar(top most with help, admin and search button)

Sir there are two drop down, i want to add a new dropdown/button with them.

frm.add_custom_button(__('Navbar Settings'),
    function() {
        frappe.msgprint(“Custom Information”);        })
    }, __("Show")

The Navbar Settings is the name of the button.
The Show is the name of button group.

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thanku @rahy
i want to add button on navbar, as i attached pic with search, notification and help.
I understand the coding part but dont know which file should i update to add button with search, notification and help.

@Patrick.St @rahy
i want to add button on workspace of home page…not on its doctype.

@Mdaniax, Please go through this video 48. How to Translate ERPNext to any language automatically - YouTube, I think it will help you to update the navbar.

Try in your browser console:
let navbar = document.querySelector(“.navbar-collapse”);
navbar.prepend(“It is Working”);


To add menu on website navbar you can add in hooks.py

"top_bar_items": [
    {"label": "label_of_menu", "url": "/endpoint/to/page", "right":1},

To modify the html files in the app (not doctype) do it here:

For adding button to doctype:


its working but for webpage navbar, i want same thing with desk navbar

Modify the navbar-items.html file in the directory I mentioned above.

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can you suggest me any tutorials for this, i mean for basics of customization?

its customizing website not the desk.

Try here:

I solved it by editing my custom application

That’s how to do it actually… via custom app.