Which file is for home? I want to edit navbar and home?

Do you mean the html file?
They are mostly in frappe/frappe/templates/includes/...

That is what I am saying.
For navbar just type “Navbar Settings” into the search bar.
For Workspace, do the same, type in “Workspace List” and select the one you want to edit / create a new one.

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added this code in navbar_settings.js

frappe.ui.form.on(“Navbar Settings”, “refresh”, function(frm) {
frm.add_custom_button(__(“Show”), function() {
frappe.msgprint(“Custom Information”);

no sir, i just want to add functional button on navbar(top most with help, admin and search button)

Sir there are two drop down, i want to add a new dropdown/button with them.

frm.add_custom_button(__('Navbar Settings'),
    function() {
        frappe.msgprint(“Custom Information”);        })
    }, __("Show")

The Navbar Settings is the name of the button.
The Show is the name of button group.

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thanku @rahy
i want to add button on navbar, as i attached pic with search, notification and help.
I understand the coding part but dont know which file should i update to add button with search, notification and help.

@Patrick.St @rahy
i want to add button on workspace of home page…not on its doctype.

@Mdaniax, Please go through this video 48. How to Translate ERPNext to any language automatically - YouTube, I think it will help you to update the navbar.

Try in your browser console:
let navbar = document.querySelector(“.navbar-collapse”);
navbar.prepend(“It is Working”);


To add menu on website navbar you can add in hooks.py

"top_bar_items": [
    {"label": "label_of_menu", "url": "/endpoint/to/page", "right":1},

To modify the html files in the app (not doctype) do it here:

For adding button to doctype:


its working but for webpage navbar, i want same thing with desk navbar

Modify the navbar-items.html file in the directory I mentioned above.

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can you suggest me any tutorials for this, i mean for basics of customization?

its customizing website not the desk.

Try here:

I solved it by editing my custom application

That’s how to do it actually… via custom app.

thank you @rahy im new thats why having hard time to understand. really thanks for your help.

how do you edit it in cutom app?

Same question here :slight_smile:
As far as I know, it is only possible to replace files that are within templates/www. Therefore: How did you do it? I would expect, that you have to replace the method that actually calls the navbar.html?

erpnext (or frappe)
|- erpnext (or frappe)
|-- templates
|-- www 

(documented by @rahy before :wink: How to customisation website footer in version-12 - #5 by rahy )