Why ERPNext is so difficult to install?

I find erpnext installations very difficult. From time to time even the previously worked methods of installing fails with issues such as this

What is the solution for this and can I store an image from a working installation and keep it to create VM instances in urgent cases?

Let me know, please

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Docker is, by far, the most consistent way (and also the officially recommended way) to install ERPNext. Any reason not to use that?


@peterg I didn’t find any step-by-step instructions except below which did not work for me for this could you help?

Did you try the step by step instructions at the repo?

to be honest, there has no any easy way even on docker from my view.

each technology / application should requires skill set to manage.

with or without docker, you still require the concept and working experience on Linux, Nginx, Mariadb and other dependencies installation, upgrade etc.

there has no easy way, step by step can’t cover all, no matter on same or other Linux distributions.

I not famous in Docker, recently just start learning Podman and ansible, but no matter which technology, you still require skill set to handle.


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Step by step guide to install erpnext.

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For this cases, Frappe Cloud is the best option for you.

If you have a server and you don’t handle concepts like Nginx, MariaDB, among others, you are way out of your comfort zone.

That’s why they created Frappe Cloud.