Why Student email address is mandatory field in v12

Any specific reason why this is made mandatory. In my case, I don’t want it to be mandatory. In v12, we cannot undo this by customizing the form. How to deal with this situation.

A search on ‘user email mandatory’ turns up these posts about why a User email is mandatory - for system design record id purposes.

That constraint requirement applies for Student too I would say.

Thank you for the response. The second thread makes more sense to me. The system manager should be given the option to make this mandatory or not.

We have implemented education module for a kindergarten and the students don’t have email addresses. With email being mandatory and unique we cannot use the email addresses of parents as well. Any ideas ??

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Any news regarding this? We have the same problem like @mujeerhashmi. We want to use ERPNext for Kindergarten / Preschool / Primary where most of the students don’t have an email address.

Is there a way to make email not mandatory?

It has been made optional now… Check Education Settings once

Thanks for your reply. There is a setting to skip erpnext user creation for students, but email is still mandatory in student and student-applicant doctype!?

Customization is the easy way out.

I would, but “Not allowed to disable Mandatory for standard fields” :frowning: I don’t want to create a custom app just for that.

Enable developer mode.

I’ve done that already. It is not possible to change that field (to make it not mandatory)

@zefanja I know this is an unrelated question but how do you generate report cards for your pre school/primary students. The default report card is not fit for purpose for pre or primary school so I’m wondering if you’re using the default report card or found a way to generate another one.

How has your experience with ERPNext been for the Education module? Maybe we can benefit from your experience.

Im interested in some information how you implement and deploy erpnext for kindergarten. Would you mind to share some information and your experience?