Will develop and master ever merge?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for a great job both erpnext team and contributors.

Am wondering, will there ever be a merge from develop (the future rich branch) and master (the heavily stable branch)?

There are soooo many good things in the develop version that should be in master now but it’s not, and I think it’s really a waste of good scripts and contributions.

Although the above said, the master branch is much more reliable and stable specially when it comes to installing/updating, so just wondering, is it time to merge yet and fix the issues in develop?

v11 which was a staging branch was merged recently into master. [Release Notes] Version 11.1.0!

We are trying our best to develop new features as well as keep a branch for stable use for everyone. When it’s time to merge the “future” branch, we will do it.

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