Win8.1 ovb ubuntu 64 desktop 18.04.2 erpnext setup

  1. fresh ubuntu desktop 64 v18.04.2 inside ovb (host is windows 8.1 64)
  2. sudo mkdir buffer
  3. cd buffer
  4. sudo apt install python3-setuptools

reboot for snapshot

  1. sudo wget
  2. sudo -H python3 --production --user myfrappe
  3. enter mysql root password
  4. enter the default Administrator user password
  5. ERROR! The requested handler ‘restart network manager’ was not found in either the main handlers list nor in the listening handlers list
  6. sudo -H python3 --production --user myfrappe
  7. Frappe/ERPNext has been successfully installed!

i have started to test erpnext since 3 years ago but never setup the whole server without, feel so unsatisfied. :frowning:

the installation console logs really scared me. and this time it feel like heavy compare to 10 months ago setup on aws etc2.

Question : I will present erpnext and odoo next week to my client, are above steps correct for production setup? (without ssl, letsencrypt, tenant etc.). Or I need to switch back to python 2 v11 or v10?

Same error happened again stuck on setup step 5 with setting global settings.

Checked mariadb and found that open too many files or connections.

Memory really eat alot, it consume almost 7 GB Ram just for erpnext setup after first login.

Previously 10 months ago setup only consume like 2-3 GB Ram, python 3 has memory issues?

my ovb has 2 vcpu and 8 GB ram.

Is the first time setup of erpnext consume internet? I found if the internet is slow, the setup will stuck while settings global.

How do I switch back to previous desktop? I like the icons listing. Current module listing is abit back to 1999…

Failed while setup a new app and a new site following library management tutorial.

Error : first time login setup
Stuck :-

Setting up your system

Updating global settings

until Request Timed Out

I’m afraid there is no way back to the old desktop in V12. More info here [Version 12] Killing the iconic desktop - #18 by jodeq

too bad, backward from icons to text links is really so 1999. i hope users are able to switch between icons or text links.

in addition, not sure why i have to reload to see those module links become usable? eg. added item with batch checked but batch in stock module can’t be clicked until the reload inside user item menu is clicked?

Why you are not using easy install script?

Hi @saurabh6790 , i thought above is easy install?