[WIP] Analytics app - field level document history

I think that will cover most of the features that i want. You should start a bounty because I would contribute what I can to it. Also i just found this https://github.com/aruizramon/frappe_analytics… Very cool


@woakes070048 I’ll look into some kind of scope for those this weekend.

The analytics project is also just in need of a little bit of testing, but works well on our production server. A bit more granularity is needed for which fields to track, too. From there it’s just what data you want and how to display it (the easy part!)

If there’s community interest I can devote more time to this project as well.


@alec_ruizramon1 Well i am interested and I will install it and start testing it.


@woakes070048 i’m not able to install https://github.com/aruizramon/frappe_analytics …it looks for analytics app instead of frappe_analytics …step used:

bench get-app frappe_analytics https://github.com/aruizramon/frappe_analytics

bench --site erpnext.vm install-app frappe_analytics

What i’m doing wrong? Thx

The app name is analytics instead of frappe_analytics:

bench get-app analytics https://github.com/aruizramon/frappe_analytics

@alec_ruizramon1 thx it worked.

I’ve enabled Stock module, how to display report for item price changes? i’ve seen in the database, but can’t understand how to show in the app …any hint?

@JoEz the front-end features are minimal, if that. If you want to build a report for item price changes, you could create a query report with this idea:

SELECT  a.item_code, a.price_list_rate, b.date
FROM `tabItem Price` a
RIGHT JOIN `tabItem Price Field History` b
     ON b.changed_doc_name = a.name
WHERE `fieldname` = 'price_list_rate';

Edit: Right join is more appropriate to only get prices that have changed.

Got it, i’ll work on that :+1:


as mentioned on a github issue about frappe_analytics this might/will be merged into the main code or core ERPNext.

@alec_ruizramon1 If anyone wants to get involved in testing does it make sense to continue doing so with the current external App or would it be best to until it’s merged into ERPNext core?

@vrms there is a PR open in frappe: document history/versioning in Core by aruizramon · Pull Request #2124 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

@rmehta unfortunately I have not had a ton of time lately to move this forward. What else do you need to get this merged, so maybe others in the community can help?

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as far as I read the PR’s discussion it’s basically

@rmehta: “… can you add some screenshots, use cases on how the user will view, update history?”

I’d be happy to help with that but couldn’t manage to understand the usage yet sufficiently