X and Z reports - end of day cash reconciliation for POS?

I am wondering how people using erpnext POS are reconciling their cash registers at the end of the day. Initial cash, total sales, cash out.
It seems like a very fundamental feature for a POS software, but I didn’t see it in the software when I used it.
Are there plans to implement this? It seems like it would just be a report with a couple of sql queries and rolling cash in/cash out inputs.

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@jpp what should the structure of the report look like.

You can add a query report and - if you think its generic, do send a pull-request too.


Well let me clarify, it is a bit more than a report. It actually is a movement of the cash on hand to a cash account after it has been counted and reconciled.

The X report can give a summary snapshot of the day sales in the cash drawer up to the moment you run it. It does not finalize or close out the cash drawer balance. It simply shows what transactions have taken place. I found an example of both of the reports here: http://www.shopkeep.com/support/reporting/z-and-x-reports

The Z report is the final balance report of the cash drawer. After running this report the cash count will reset to $0 or whatever you closed and left in the cash register to begin the following day.
A very clear example of a Z report I found is here: http://www.adionline.com/Documents/Tech/ZReport.pdf

Ideally you have an opening cash register balance, let’s say $100, you generate sales of $250, then your total cash is $350. The $250 income should be withdrawn and be transferred to a cash account when the Z report is run. The following day if you left $100 from the previous day, the steps repeat. Look at the above links they do a better job explaining it in detail.

Please add this to GitHub Issues.


Any update on this?

Like JPP said, this is a very fundamental need for a basic PoS.


Check if there a GitHub Issue with this (with relevant screenshots). If not create one, that is the first step!

@rmehta I had made a github issue on this already, see here: X and Z reports - end of day cash reconciliation for POS? · Issue #2731 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

My post above explains more in detail and provides links to some sample reports, explanations and screenshots to reference.

We really need this feature for retail .

Any way to make it priority ???

There seems to be some activity in github: X and Z reports - end of day cash reconciliation for POS? · Issue #2731 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Anyone managed to sort this out?