You can't set 'Options' for field Entry Type

Dear All
when I add another option on field type select I have this message
I can not add any customization in the field type select



Hi @msiam,

If the default doctype and you add the option in the default field using Customize Form then this type of issue is faced.

If you want to add more options then please use property setter.

Reference for please check the post.

If custom doctype then you can easily add the option via doctype. i think you know.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

here iam trying to acheive when we submit the sales order it will go to different workflow transition after getting approval from different branches then the order should ready to convert into sales invoice (status-“To delivery and bill”)
my solution:

Ist when get submit it will go to the work flow
whenever one approves it, it will reflect in the sales order on a custom field with options contains state of the workflow and it will go to next transition(state)
whenever the last approver approves it it will changes the custom state field and the Standard field status to “To Delivery and Bill” so i convert it to the sales invoice
do it work