Adding products in preset quantities to quotations

Is it possible to add items to quotes in preset quantities? My business sells a product that comes prepackaged but in the industry it is standard to buy and sell by weight. So for example, if we sell a 1 package of the product and there is 10 lb of product in the package, the invoice would say that the client bought 10 lb and all the pricing would be per lb. Currently, I have set the UOM of the product to LB and set the sale price to be per pound in ERPNext. However, when I add the product to a quote, it only adds “1” in the quantity field and I need to manually adjust it to account for how many packages I am quoting. Is there a way to automatically have the quantity field update to reflect how many pounds is being quoted? Like if I wanted to quote 3 packages of the product then the quantity would automatically update to 30?

Is this possible either with base ERPNext or with customization?

Thanks in advance

Hi @wenybai,

Possible, but it’s challenging.

You can set up UOM conversions. For example, you can set up a conversion where 1 package equals 10 lbs. By doing this, when you add the product to a quote, It will automatically calculate the quantity in pounds based on the custom field of number of packages entered. This can be done in the Item master or directly in the Sales Order/Quotation.

If the above method doesn’t meet your requirements or if you need more flexibility, you can customize it to achieve the desired functionality. You can create a client/server script that calculates the quantity in pounds based on the number of packages entered and updates the quantity field accordingly. Alternatively, you can add a custom field to the Sales Order/Quotation form where you input the number of packages, and then use a client/server script to calculate and populate the quantity field based on the package quantity and weight per package.


Hope this helps.