As an hr manager i cannot see all employees

Please explain how i can do that. In my case my hr see all employees and edit them.

Facing same issue, is there anyone who can shed some light on it?

Check role and permission. If you are running multi companies in same instance then check if you are in the same company.

Kindly check if there is any filter set on the top filter area.

Also check if there is any lock on the bottom of the list view page.

Check in role permission if you have set employee form to be visible to owner only.

Kindly provide full details of your problem to get accurate response as the solution.

Hi thanks a lot for your response^^

I’m using develop branch for this and below are the versions:
erpnext 12.x.x-develop
foundation 0.0.1
frappe 12.x.x-develop

I’ve check there’s no filter set on employee list.

But there’s a lock showing in employee’s list at top right. See below screenshot.

Below are the permissions for employee docType and HR Manager has all rights.

Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated, thanks for your time in advance.

I guess they are testing new role permission mechanism in V12. And I have to even read anything or testing V12. So I cannot say anything on this.

Check the employee record: If the user is assigned to an employee in the ERPNExt field with Create User Permission ticked, the user will be restricted to see their profile only even when they are HR manager.


This is because ticking this option creates User Permission records that restricts the user to see only their profile like this:

It that is the case, untick the box and identify and delete the User Permissions accordingly


Thanks a lot^^
Never knew about this feature.

Thanks a million

Thanks a lot RWEMA_Aimable. That’s relief and solved a very big issue.

Thanks, for the solutions

This is Magic

Appreciate the pointer @RWEMA_Aimable :+1::+1:
Both approaches worked, recreating a user with the “create perm.” unchecked
As well as, delete the user’s associated permissions from User Permissions.