Bank Reconcillation through online sync with Bank Account

If someone looked it Odoo and then ERPNext there is more chance of conversion to ERPNext. The main irritation is advertisements are based on Enterprise version. An unsuspecting user will only realize the horror after working on a community Odoo. I tried Odoo and ERPNext on Bitnami and am a ERPNext convert now.

Please implement all Enterprise only features of Odoo in ERPNext. I ams sure ERPNext will be able to gain more market share. Once such feature is Bank Reconciliation through on line sync. Odoo claims that 95% of world banks are supported. ERPNext could atleast start with Indian Banks.


Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

This is an occasional requirement but not one of the most asked features at the moment.

Btw, you might be surprised that ERPNext already has a lot more features out of the box than Odoo!

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

This is exactly not a feature request because ERPNext already has it. In real world, there are many companies which pester the accountant to check whether a payment is credited. Automating the process of fetching the Bank Accounts for reconciliation (or checking whether a payment has come in) could be a huge time saver.

I never believed bank accounts can be queried electronically in India simply because of a misconception that we are under developed.

I can only hope now that I get lucky and more people request you this enhancement.

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Maybe ask in the paid-development catogory on these forums if any other people are interested in getting together the amount of cash required to pay a developer to create such a feature? It could work out to be very cheap.

I didn’t actually know we had a paid-development folder until I just checked. Great idea team.

Yes I would also like the feature. I am using Odoo (paying $80/m) just because of that feature but want to use ERPnext only if it had this feature and a couple more features- like woocommerce connector would also be nice.

I badly need this feature. It would be a great addon.

Why don’t you guys collaborate and fund (through developing code or putting in money) this effort?

This is Open Source, you guys can either wait for things to fall in place on the ERPNext roadmap. Or you guys can seize control and make it happen. For yourselves. And for the community!!


Hi Jay,
How can one support the development of this? I would like to make a contribution.

Danny there’s this Bank Statement Processing

It’s manual transfer sync, so download and upload a bank statement of transactions…

Thanks John. I have requested that I get added to Telegram. Not sure how
long this development will take but looks like there is some really good
work done thus far and we can only hope that it gets finalised quickly for
the next upgrade.

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