Bounty - Fixing bugs and improving mobile experience of ERPNext [Now $250]

Link to the bounty: Bountysource

Hello everybody.
I don’t have any statistics of how many users are using ERPNext Mobile, but I think this amount could be bigger if some of the nastiest bugs are fixed and UX is slightly improved.
We have several colleagues, who work exclusively on handheld devices and flawless operation of ERPNext Mobile is crucial. So I decided to initiate small campaign in order to fix the bugs and to improve overall usability on ERPNext Mobile.

Here is the draft list of the goals:

  1. Fix the stuck splash screen (iOS 10.3.3) — frappe/mobile/issues/8
  2. Fix the “The image couldn’t be loaded” error in Image view (Android 7.0.1 / iOS 10.3.3) — frappe/mobile/issues/13
  3. Implement automatic login credentials saving — frappe/mobile/issues/11

In case campaign gets enough traction and receives more funds, we might include other features as well (probably for the second phase):

Did anybody face some other bugs?
Regarding feature requests — we can probably expand the list further, but it’s preferable to fix the bugs at the first phase, and then we can continue with features.


Okay, so I put $50 for the start :slight_smile:

@strixaluco wait, we are planning to setup a bounty system on!

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Is this related to mobile APP or related to mobile view in browser.

I think its more related to mobile app.

I saw this was mentioned in some thread, but didn’t think it was coming so soon. Do you suggest to halt the campaign until the bounty functionality is setup on

Yes, the target is ERPNext Mobile application. There are no bugs while accessing ERPNext via browsers on mobile devices at the moment.

Meanwhile, @robgemmfg posted $75 bounty to campaign :sun_with_face:
Thank you!

Come on, guys! Nobody wants to have ERPNext Mobile working on iOS? Or nobody has aforementioned issues?

Thank you, @OneiricIT. Now total amount is $175

Is the bounty on

no,it’s on bountysource Bountysource

Bumping this thread was long overdue and now there is a good excuse:

Bold selection is mine.

So, maybe desktop penetration in your sector is abysmal or maybe it is not, but you want to have better experience with ERPNext on your mobile device, join this bounty. :mega:

Thanks to @MichaelPinkowski for $75 contribution :fireworks:

Not True!!

I challenge you to try to use the POS function on a mobile device. The available screen area is not sufficient to display all of the components of the POS module properly and is some cases you might never be able to see the contents of the cart at all.

With the mobile app not working, and the screen layout for some of the modules being so bad on mobile device, I am forced to use devices with much higher density screen resolutions in order to use the system. A 1080p display is very near the absolute minimum to use POS and Stock Entry Material Transfers is not far behind. You can sometimes find this on an Android tablet, but it is very rare. Most screen resolutions are much smaller and do not work well at all. Forget it altogether on a phone device.

When some project comes along to solve these issues, then I am signing up for adding my $$ to it.

In the mean time, I will keep this bookmarked to see how it progresses.


Well, you’re right, I shouldn’t make any statement like this. It should be rather “I didn’t face any problems using ERPNext via browsers on mobile devices”.
Now, trying POS on latest release of SailfishOS browser (which is supposed to have Gecko 38.8.0 engine) reveals it unusable as the page is just blank and none of the elements loads. Granted, testing on EOL engine can’t be considered relevant.

The problem looks rather complex from your description, so we might add it to the second phase, but not first, unfortunately. Do you have link to this issue on GitHub?

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Assuming that collected amount of money should be enough for the first phase, I’ve just posted a job to foundation site:

We’ve got first reply — guys from Bai Web & Mobile Lab are willing to work on our requests here.

Was checking the bugs and realized that I can’t replicate frappe/mobile/issues/8 and frappe/mobile/issues/13 anymore.
Does anybody have the same or opposite experience?

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been any progress with the bounty. Back in December, when the job listing was posted, three potential contractors were pretty fast to get in touch regarding the listing, but stopped replying afterwards, hence the current status of campaign.
So, just to remind again — if anybody is willing to work on this small project and claim the bounty, you are very welcome!

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Hi, I commented in the github issue and then strixaluco sent me this link to confirm, is the budget for the first phase still on???

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Hi, @marciogurka. Thanks again for your initiative.

The total budget is $250 still, but points 1. and 2. seem to be fixed by Frappe team. What’s your rate per hour and how much should it take to implement login credentials saving?

Also would be useful to know what is the roadmap for mobile applications at Frappé. Does Cordova container still has a future or it will be deprecated?