Custom Event Email Notifications

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working on implementing notifications for the Project doctype. I’ve selected a custom event instead of relying on a triggered event. However, I’m facing an issue where the custom event is not functioning as expected.

The objective is to send email notifications to the project owner, manager, and lead whenever the expected end date of a project is less than the current date (nowdate()).

Here’s the condition I’ve applied:
doc.status==“Open” and doc.expected_end_date and frappe.utils.date_diff(doc.expected_end_date, nowdate()) > -1

I’ve also attached a screenshot for reference:

Could someone assist me in resolving this issue and setting up the email notifications correctly?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Anisha Jain

Hi @Anisha_Jain,

Please use option of Days Before/Days After.

Thank You!

Thank you for your response and for providing the solution attempt.

Regarding the query on whether it’s possible to send daily email notifications if the expected end date is less than the current date, following the use of the ‘Day After’ event: Is such a configuration feasible?

Additionally, I’ve attempted to implement the condition you suggested:
doc.status == “Open” and frappe.utils.get_datetime( == 1

I’m seeking guidance on configuring email notifications to be sent on the 1st date of every month, independent of any trigger field. The objective is to ensure that the notification is consistently dispatched each month without reliance on specific triggers.

Thank you for your assistance.