Docker tuning for MacOS

We use the development environment described in Official Docker Updates 2020. However, it runs very slow on MacOS (much faster on Ubuntu).

This is a known issue caused by the different file systems. This site suggests to mount the volumes managed by the host as cached and the volumes managed by the container as delegated. Therefore, I’d like to mark everything inside frappe_docker’s development folder as delegated.

It seems like the whole frappe_docker directory is mounted in /workspace, but cached not delegated. @revant_one could you give a hint how to separate the volumes based on “managed by host” and “managed by container”?

I followed the devcontainer guide, everywhere it was “cached

there is a section for mac here:

Can you try out things on your mac? Please send PR which will not break other platforms and solve issue for MacOS.

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@dfermiumlabs did you manage to fix this? The instructions from vscode didn’t work for us.

Looks like docker fixed some of the issues with mac, recently:

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Any new thoughts on this? I’m having the same experience, with very poor performance on macOS.

FWIW, I just tested on Windows, and it does seem that file system plays a massive role. I recently deployed on Windows 10, first directly to windows and then in a WSL2 Ubuntu container. The difference was absolutely enormous.

We have abandoned docker on MacOS. Alternatives are:

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Alas, but thanks for the update!