Dropbox API v2. Will this change affect current fuctionality?

I’ve recieved an email from Dropbox that warns about an API change to v2. Does anybody knows if this change will disable current dropbox backup integration?


This is the warning:

Hi Adrián,

On June 28, 2017, API v1 will be turned off.

Please sign in to the Dropbox Platform website by September 28, 2016, and acknowledge that you’re aware of the deprecation.

“Sign in to confirm”

To keep providing Dropbox features in your app, upgrade to API v2. API v2 includes new features like: A simpler, more consistent designFile IDs, full-text search, sharing controls, and other new endpointsThanks,

  • The Dropbox Platform team

Just tested. Dropbox backup is working for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll accept the update then.

It will work though, until June 28, 2017. The question is, what needs to be done to make dropbox backup apps compliant to V2?

Migration Guide: API v1 to API v2 migration guide - Developers - Dropbox

I think the V1 is finaly retired. As i received Backup failed message with
ErrorResponse: [400] u’v1_retired’

Now we need to have V2 update.

Has anyone done this already ?

OAuth v2 is updated.

Have you set Redirect URI at Dropbox End https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/info/

set it to,

No I havent done anything yet. Was waiting for someone to reply on this.
Well I have V7 frappe, So what exactly needs to be done.

Just added it. Now testing by taking a backup
Edit: Failed again with the same error.

Any advice?

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me too i am stuck

Did you resolve this if so how?

I guess it is resolved on this thread:

I see thanks very much revant, lots of viewers I see!

actually it didnt resolve till now
but u guys did your best.

Please tell us what it is you did and what you learned, that way we all learn together…

actually dear i follow all your guides
as follows
1- change secret key
2- make new dropbox appi
4- upgrade to erpnext v9 “but i stucked”

Finally after all my attempts fail
i reverse my virtual machine snapshoot

and i am still cant backup to dropbox.

so after

Ahh I see.

Fortunately you can get ideas on this forum.

For now just keep backup copies of your vm image.

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I am still not able to get the dropbox work.
Still the same error V1 retired.
Tried Mr. Kolate’s Video solution but I cannot find Dropbox Access Token Password field in my erpnext version. Tried creating it manually. Still it failed.
Added token in the site_config still no luck…

Assuming the ERP version is old. What is the possible solution.

“Well I have V7 frappe, So what exactly needs to be done.”

to upgrade makes sense DropBox Allow access - #17 by revant_one