ERPNext suitable for multi company?

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I am currently an Odoo user and have been using the multi company features for diversified businesses. I am looking to move into ERPNext. But I am not sure whether ERPNext has such capabilities or ERPNext is more suitable for single company? Any help? Thanks.

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Shraddha Ranjane
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Like to check.

Parent - consolidate all
Child A - retail business
Child B - food restaurant POS
Child C - trading
Child D - construction business

Total 100 subsidiaries with most of them different businesses

Could ERPNext support such diversity all in the same database/platform? I do not want to have silo based for each company. In Odoo, this is okay but quite a nightmare if not handled properly. Many unknown errors. How about ERPNext? Any successful case studies using erpnext in such environments?

Consolidating all subsidiaries accounts into one Parent entity (company) is not possible out-of-box at the moment, maybe in upcoming Version 7 or future release, after change from Company to Organization structure will able to accommodate such level of complex accounting possible, but it’s just my guess.

Still you will able to have N number of Companies with their separate accounting structure and users base in single ERP instance and also allow users to use only one or more many companies as necessary with certain few masters like Item, Item Group, Customer Group, Territory etc. which can be used across all the companies using Roles and Permission Modules which allows you greater control over access and restrictions.

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Thanks for replying back. As for current odoo 8, I could assign different chart of accounts and currency for each company. Then in the parent I could choose an account of type consolidation and which companies to be consolidated. Ultimately from parent (management) they could view the pnl for each subsidiaries (to the extend on daily monthly revenue gained). So these can’t be done now? Or do you meant differently? By the way is erpnext come close to odoo 8 or superior? I’m considering to stick with odoo or move to erpnext.

@ericmachine88 In my opinion framework wise erpnext is superior than odoo you can easily understand the code and make adjustments but for functionality erpnext is not there yet.

Create a github issue with all the details, screenshots, steps, process etc and keep an eye on it.
Under one bench site with same database it seems possible to consolidate.

Recently similar workaround for feature from odoo was discussed and concluded for now. Price list on the basis of "Cost" of item

Multi currency and Multi company already exists.

You won’t be able to move to odoo 9 as freely, you will have to find some way to migrate data from 8 to 9 later.

On ERPNext you get upgrades and patches are released on github.

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Thanks guys for replying back. So the account consolidations explained above are possible with erpnext now? or not possible? If not possible, any workaround? Thanks again.