ERPNext use in hospital or clinic



HI, I’ve tried bench get-app to the new repo, but I keep getting a “Directory not empty” error (39). I’ve even tried the erpnext-healthcare, with the same result.

Looks like you already have the ERPNext app installed. You can either remove the existing app or point upstream to erpnext health care repo and do a bench update

got generally interested in the field due to a request for impementation of an ERP System for a chain vet clinic. Now going though all topics in this regards and naturally got interested in this. Some questions:

  1. is there any progress with integrating with the ERPNext core (as mentioned several times in this topic here)?
  2. Are you aware of (or even in contact with, or related to) the project by @noetico mentioned in this topic? (If not … would it make sense to join forces?)

merge started some time back -
pull request under review, waiting for documentation to complete (expected by the coming week, possibly) -

of course, that’s the idea :wink:

thanks, I went through a first demo session already

thanks for the update, PR seems ready to merge, so apparently healthcare module should be available in the core pretty soon. well Done.

I guess in case my request goes through (which is in pretty hypothetical state yet) I should be pretty active in that regards soon. As it is a vet clinic in my scenario, I guess some things may not fit 100% (Customer/Patient relation i.e)

BTW: … I send a little contribution on the bounty for this and would recommend to anybody (@bghayad, @Mohd_Ridzuan_Isa, @fabyc, @Ahmad [just to name a few participants in this thread here]) who is interested in that functionality to do the same.


Healthcare now merged in develop branch~ Big thanks to earthians! @akurungadam @Ranjith @jamsheer


Is there any plans to support ICD-10 codes for the clinic as its the standard international classification

or better more generic way for the user to choose the code e.g. ICD-9, ICD-10,… each one of them can be just in one Mariadb table

Open-EMR provides the SQL files for creating the tables for ICD-9 and ICD-10 here Import Standard Tables

Hi @ganas,
You can find ICD-10 codes exported from erpnext here.
But thats around 70K records, so a normal import won’t work. We have to either split into multiple files or wire up a script to import it together. We’ll update once we figure it to do in one shot.


thank @Ranjith can those codes be used in in dingoes and invoicing since those codes are the standard for billing the insurance companies to justify the services provided

Right now multiple codes can be selected in Consultation. If you want it in Invoice we can introduce an html field in Sales Invoice (for healthcare domain) to show the codes selected in the related Consultation. If you have any other specific requirements, please elaborate. Assume dingoes = diagnosis. Thanks

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Thanks @Ranjith to be honest with you I still didn’t dip my toes much in the health domain. I was just showing smartehis to a friend doctor the other day who owns a clinic and using the aging OpenEMR software. He was impressed by its usability and ease of use of smartehis but told me that he can’t use it in the clinic since as more than 80% percent of his billing is with insurance companies which apparently is way complicated procedure. I will ask him to join the forum and he might be a help for you guys to give the point view of the health care professionals


@ganas, We have Insurance on top of our priority, it would be great if we can get more info on this as a new thread on discuss.

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Maybe it would be good to have healthcare domain category in this forum?
If so I am not sure if it should be top level or under Developers as a sub level?
Any thoughts?


I have now erpnext version 9.2.2 and it contains healthcare.
When I visited, I saw that it is mention the IP (in patient), OP (out patient) and the pharmacy and I saw that each of these parts has link at the left bar, this can be shown in their website.

But I did not see IP, OP and Pharmacy at erpnext 9.2.2 and I did not see that each of them has a link. But there is only one link which is the healthcare as shown in the below.

So where is the wrong? Is it still not applied or I am missing something to do to be able to see the IP, OP and the Pharmacy


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I’m preparing erpnext/healthcare for my hospital, though they are not allocating much budget to it. I won’t be able to sponsor features. in patient ward management and everything coming together in billing is a priority. It there anyway I can assist?

You are welcome to join the module volunteers on gitter. Also please consider posting issues on GitHub if you feel the requirements are generic enough for the domain.