ERPNext Version 9 will be released on 26th September 2017

Here are some of the features introduced in this version.

POS - Online & Offline

  • Now user has an option to enable or disable Offline POS mode from POS Settings
  • Provision to select the Item’s serial number from the dropdown while adding item in the cart
  • Indicator for stock availability in Online POS Mode.


  • Setup recurring documents using Subscription
  • User can schedule the subscription for doctypes other than Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice etc.

Healthcare Domain

  • Clinic / Practice Management
    • Patient
    • Physician, Physician scheduling
    • Appointment
    • Vital Signs
    • Consultation
    • Medical Code Standards
    • Patient Medical Record
  • Laboratory
    • Sample Collection
    • Lab Test
  • Patient Portal

School Fees Management

  • Fee Structure
  • Fee Schedule
  • Payment against Fees

New Setup Wizard

Note: If you want to checkout/test the features before release, checkout to staging branch.



Will we see the new Payment Terms rewrite and new Currencies handling too?

@Julian_Robbins Sorry, those will not be part of this release, but those will be merged and released soon.

@nabinhait first many thanks for all ERPNext team and please is there any update s on projects module?

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Are there any API changes that will break apps?

If there are any customization related to Recurring feature (for example, if you make any Recurring Sales Order/Invoice via API), then it will break in version 9. In the upcoming version, recurring setting is not part of the order/invoice. It is a separate document altogether. And you can create recurring records for any document.


Is this small issue saved on v9?

should be those commands, right?

  1. cd home/frappe/frappe-bench
  2. bench update --upgrade

ERPNext and Frappe version 9 has been released. To update your instance, you have to run bench update from frappe-bench directory.


If on a production/live instance, take a backup first!


When doing the Ver 8 to 9 upgrade on a live production instance you will be prompted near the end of the process:
Your bench was upgraded to version 9
supervisor.conf already exists and this will overwrite it. Do you want to continue? [y/N]:
Choose n
You will then see
Ver 9 is now live. As @felix mentions above Take a back up first.

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A BIG thanks! to entire ERPNext team…wonderful team effort…well done!

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After update in the about section it still shows
ERPNEXT - 8.x.x
Frappe - 8.x.x

can you explain why you suggest to say.‘no’?

Only that when I accepted yes for this option and nginx.conf ERPNext became unavailable via https. Not sure why.

Firs of all thank you all efforts for the team!

Please advise:

bench update —upgrade
Not working in VM instance
Error: no such option —upgrade

bench upgrade
upgrade the system to v9 anyway.

Is this normal bahaviour?

Should be --upgrade as the switch is two dashes



Yes I mean
two dashes
– upgrade ( I can’t type it correctly, sometime)

bench update
Updated the full system to v9 anyhow.

After updated to v9.

bench update --upgrade

Error: no such option —upgrade

Any help please.

One more thought:

There is no options like
for bench in bench manager.
Only --version + --help existing.

ERPNEXT UPGRADE – 2017-09-27 13-43-04

Is this normal behaviour?