Introducing the new Setup Wizard

Hello Community,

We’ve broken the setup wizard … in two that is.

Most of the data and master creation slides will now be part of a progress dialog on first startup.


Here are all the slides that you need to walk through on setup:

21 AM-507

It has been merged into develop, so let us know what you think and do report any issues you find!


Is there a hosted version of the most recent development branch for anyone to try out?

We will be releasing it on master today: ERPNext Version 9 will be released on 26th September 2017 :slight_smile:

I understand that part @pratu16x7, thanks for your reply.

Does that mean we’ll have a hosted test instance or do I still need to setup my own to test the latest version?

You’ll be able to test it on your hosted instance after upgrading to V9, post release.

Ok. What I’m suggesting here is that we should have a community instance with the bleeding-edge version. I thought this’d be a good idea.

You can always test out bleeding edge features on and They both are maintained on the develop branch. :slight_smile:

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Great. Many thanks, thats what I was looking for!

@pratu16x7 , i have upgraded to 9, on first login the initial 3 page wizard is loaded. How do i go to next part of wizard. I don’t see wizard progress bar when i login

I have found the solution. If you just create a site…it means only frappe is installed so part 1 of the wizard is only shown which makes sense.
Solution: create site. donot login. install erpnext. now login so you get the two part wizard

The user progress dialog only involves setting up data for ERPNext. A Frappe-only instance does not require any user-specific masters while setup, (the wizard only has 3 slides in this case) hence there is no progress dialog :slight_smile:

I have yet to find anything documentation that has the order things need to be entered into ERPNext from beginnning to end. Such as Step 1 Enter company Name, Step 2 enter such and such. It would be nice to have a doc with this all in one place because it sucks to setup things like warehouses only to find out you should have accounts setup first, and entering items to find out you should have a warehouse, first.

@JasonBrowne you are suggesting a dependency diagram, for eg a tree diagram of optional versus mandatory doctypes limited to master data?

“I have yet to find anything documentation that has the order things need to be entered into ERPNext from beginnning to end”

@JasonBrowne check this diagram Data import - from other ERP systems