Help to install ERPnext

Hello All,

Please i need help to deploy the ERPnext to my server, AND I can pay for this service I need someone to teach me (how)

Please DM me or reply to this topic if you can help me.

Thank you All.

Hi, I can help you with installation

In which system do you want to implement ERPnext?
You can follow this tutorial that has helped me a lot.

In windows, install Hyper-V first off, I find this to be less resource intensive than VIrtualBox or VMware. Next, download Ubuntu v22.04 & copy the ISO file (yes, has to be an ISO file) to either a USB stick or DVD.I Create a VM with the drive size & memory requirements of your choice, I gave mine 8g of memory & 500g hard drive space. After the VM has been created, go to the settings of the VM you just created, select Security & uncheck Enable Secure Boot. Startup the VM & install Ubuntu…make sure after installing Ubuntu you do a sudo apt-get update & then a sudo apt-get upgrade…reboot Ubuntu when done. There are two good guides for installing ERPNext.

can you help me to install it on AWS server ?, dm me on

No, sorry… Am not familiar with AWS.

Are you familiar with what? Google Cloud? or DigitalOcean?

@azierahmed I can assist with installation. I have deployed on AWS, Digitalocean and Google cloud. I have even written a script for easy installation available here:

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