How to do this , pro forma invoice and other stuff

Dear Sirs,

i have successfully started using erpnext but there are some hurdles which i need to figure out .

My business .
A trader buying material from other vendors and supplying the same .

My cycle of business

Lead >> Opportunity >> Quotation >> Pro Forma Invoice >> Invoice

Need to know these
I want to know how to create pro forma invoice . Its the step where the final quantity of material that is ready for dispatch before payment . Here i want to know how to add packing & Forwarding Charges that add to the final total.

Invoice reminders
invoice reminder to client every week regarding payment , once the payment has come then stop sending messages

Weekly reminder to customer regarding the quotations given to them . if the order is lost , then they can click link in email which leads to a form where they can specify why the order has been lost or given to other person. (this would surely help us understand where we lack and need to improve.)

All couriers that are sent to customers , if we can link to our customer , it would surely help . As many times lot of time is wasted in finding the docket no. and courier company name if they courier has not been delivered . this would reduce stress of going through lots of courier receipts .

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About Pro forma would be interested.
How can I make Proforma then Invoice in date the payment received in the bank. After it sending the goods out.

Please advise.

You can treat the order as Proforma Invoice OR you have to make a custom doctype.

For Invoice remainder follow the link:

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