Index page before login page

i want index page(wellcome page ) before login page. as soon as i enter site(url). i want to display welcome page with my company logo, not login page. how i can make this page.

my current url and pages: when i enter, it redirect to:: the login page is displayed. (here i want to display my company logo and welcome text)
and after i click on login button which is TOP of Left side. it redirect to ::, but page remain same that login page.

So, i want when i enter, i need to display My company logo and welcome text in this url: and after click login button then i want to display Login page.
help me


Go in Web Page list and create new webpage and set your content and redirection link.
go in website setting and set home page.

Easiest way to do it is to create a webpage from ERPNext itself.

Navigate to Website > Website Settings and assign index or some other page as your home page.

You can even design your own html pages.

If you want to generate website from ERPNext itself, have a look at the webinar or docs

Upload the image and set in middle in html editor. There is lots of features available in website setting and webpage.
Please refer this link:

did you changed thought code or just from the HTML or code?

set it thro website setting and set under brand section.

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Thanks @bhavikpatel7023, now it work,

Your welcome.