Nextcloud integration

Hi everyone. We are looking to have a nextcloud integration developed by frappe. I am setting up the project with @Basawaraj_Savalagi to get this going. Basaw and I have evaluated an initial cost of $ 2000.

This will include the following

  • nextcloud settings page
  • backup option for nextcloud as destination
  • the option to store files in nextcloud like the already exsiting function seen with dropbox and google drive

How’s willing to chip in?

Future Plans once the base is set:

  1. synchronize tags
  2. synchronize ERPNext Calenderviews as CalDav Calendars in nextcloud
  3. synchronize ERPNext Contacts to nextcloud Contacts
  4. User File Share and Upload funktion of nextcloud inside ERPNext (Guest users can upload files which are attached to the ERPNext DocType but stored inside nextcloud
  5. synchronize ERPNexts “File” to nextcloud file folder structure
  6. open to suggestions


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and here the github issue:


Good, go. Ahead

Great News!!!


@wojosc Did you look at this repo?

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@Mohammed_Redha Tried this before. The app is broken (at least on V12).

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Hi Mohammed,

yes, I know that repo. We are looking to get this official to be sure that the nextcloud integration will be maintained by frappe/erpnext to build a reliable base to do further work on. I’m sure some of the code from the mentioned repo will be helpful towards our work


This is some good news, but we cannot always ask the core team to maintain everything instead they can assign community members to maintain it for them where they can just verify and accept the changes.
Thanks for your interest in adding nextcloud to yhe core as we need more of open-source integration instead of going to proprietary service at the time where everyone is trying to control the market with their dominance.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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I would definitely use this feature immediately once its live.

I’m willing to contribute to the development of this feature as well. Let me know where to hit contribute. I can do 100$.


I’m interested and can help with testing athough I cannot contribute financially.

Is the intended scope to replicate only the existing Dropbox/GoogleDrive functionality? That certainly simplifies describing requirements, but if there is more, do you have any user stories for guidance?

My personal interest in Nextcloud would be as a document management system with an approval workflow, for storing and accessing trusted documents associated with Items and Orders (e.g. manufacturer’s datasheets for COTS Items, engineering files/documents for custom Items, marketing documents/brochures related to Items sold, work flow procedure documents for assemblies, test results documents (per individual serialized Items, per batch or per order), etc. However, equivalent functionality to existing for Dropbox/GoogleDrive would be still be welcome (I currently using a cron task to rsync over ssh backups to a separate server) and a great place to start.



I like this idea as currently all the documents are just stored in file manager and most of the users can see if even when it is private.

If there is any real requirement for this then maybe some community developer can look into this.

But currently there is only talks about using nextcloud for backup, so the above will be a complete different use case and a new project.

Thanks for this idea.

Nextcloud for backups only would still be valuable, and I’ll gladly help by beta testing and submitting issue reports (if any ;-))

@wojosc @Basawaraj_Savalagi do let me know if I can help and contribute on this.
I am already using NextCloud with Moodle in one of our LMS project.

Thank you all for your support. We will further discuss the process in the following days and weeks.

@sanjay, can you elaborate on your LMS project? Does it also involve ERPNext? I experimented using Moodle circa 2013/2014 to use internally within a large enterprise to manage employee training and record competency in various manufacturing and operating procedures. I saw lots of promise but the project didn’t get off the ground. Are you happy with the components you’ve chosen?

Our LMS project is combination of Moodle + NextcCoud + BigBlueButton.
Latest version of Moodle is quite mature as compared to earlier version as it can be integrated with other tools. There is still some scope of improvement for managing courses for sections under a class in School.
Also plugin can be created to enhance the functionality.

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Hi @sanjay thank you for you input on this. Please take the discussion on LMS with @Dale_Scott to a different thread so we can stay on the specific project here.


@wojowc please do not chastise @Sanjay when it was I who went off topic. Please accept my apologies for my lapse on etiquette, I followed up with Sanjay outside the thread.

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