OVA copy of ERPNext V.13

Hello Friends,
there are so many topics about errors while upgrading to V13.
here is an OVA copy ready to use :smiley:

Download Link:


already installed it and I have ((( zero experience )))
for anyone
Search in the forum , try again and again
just try to figure out the problem by yourself
It takes some time but it is better for you and for the developers and for the whole community!
Mostly ,there is no problem, you might have lost something, try again!

I learned how frappe + ERPNext works >> doctype, forms, script, permissions, accounting, stock, API REST!! In a short time and I do not have experience at all

Believe me lots of information on the forum and ( GOOGLE ) , just use the search box

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Dear Tawfiq
Thanks for the link
booted without any errors
Thanks again

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Thank you.

Please indicate operating system.

Is it Ubuntu, centos?
Which version of operating system?
18.04 or 20.04 ect.

May it help to others.


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Thank you @Tawfiq_Murtaja! Though I really wonder why there is no official .ova download so far.

Edit: Oof. I downloaded it and it shows V.12 - no V.13 inside here.


Excuse me, what is the password for mysql

You can use this guide to reset it: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-reset-your-mysql-or-mariadb-root-password-on-ubuntu-20-04

Thanks,Will resetting the database password affect the use of erpnext?

No, it shouldn’t.

OK.Thanks you !

Hello, thank you for your help. The password of MySQL has been changed,
Why are there many modules missing after I set up DNS based multitenancy, as shown in the figure below
ERPNext V13

DNS based multitenancy

You can name your sites as the hostnames that would resolve to it. Thus, all the sites you add to the bench would run on the same port and will be automatically selected based on the hostname.

DNS based multitenancy mode is disabled by default, you can switch it on / off using the command,

bench config dns_multitenant on

To make a new site under DNS based multitenancy, perform the following steps.

  • Create a new site bench new-site site2name
  • Re generate nginx config bench setup nginx
  • Reload nginx sudo service nginx reload

Note : For “DNS based multitenancy”, currentsite.txt in frappe-bench/sites/ should be empty.

It looks like Erpnext wasn’t installed.
If you setup a new site, then you need to run

bench --site [site-name] install-app erpnext


bench new-site site2name

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Thank you very much!

All attempts to install v13 brought me lot of issues,(and lot of learning :grinning:)
Migration from v12 to v13 not succeed in Virtualbox,
and fresh install v13 was not succeeded and also
using docker also does not work for me.
Maybe my approach is not the best way.

Finally, this ova works. :clap::+1:
will let you know about the result after using.

Hi, Thanks for sharing this ova for ver 13, I have exisitng v12 with lots of data.
How shall i import that data into this v13 ?

Yes that can be done but unless you are a programmer or something like that you can do it. But i being a mechanical engineer cannot do that. Hence we do need suport or fully compiled ova.

Thanks a lot

It worked like a charm and I have upgraded to version 13.12.1

i install it on vm but it on 12 V not 13 V ?

not understanding ?? why?

We are not immortals, we have a finite life.

An official v13 vm is a must.

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I installed this version for learning, but apparently some modules are not showing, in special the manufacturing module. Something I can do?