Schools module disappeared in ERPNext v8


Anybody know that how to activate Schools module to show in ERPNext v8? After upgrading from v7, I couldn’t find the module even in Explore.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @cipher

Enabled Academics User, Instructor roles and assigned the roles to the respective user and check it again
To enabled roles
Goto Role > Instructor > Unchecked option Disabled

Thank you very much for your answer.
Now the Schools module is already showed, but there are no courses and students functionalities inside the module. However, I can use “Search” to access into course list or student list.

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks so much in advance


Did you enabled Academics User role?

Yes I did, but it still couldn’t solve the issue.

Hi, I have the same problem. Or a similar problem. I enabled academic user and instructur roles. Still School is not shown on desktop. In fact, I dont see schools in the show / hide desktop either! Not sure what I am doing wrong!

Assign this roles to the user and enable the Education option in the domain settings.
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Yes that worked. Thanks!

Why is the Domain Settings not shown anywhere in any menu? Maybe its me! :slight_smile:


Will add it into setup module


Yes! Domain Settings in the Setup Menu would have saved me some hair :slight_smile:
I think this is extremely valuable for new setups where we have not yet become comfortable with customization and are trying to get the usefulness of ERPNext established for our business.

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Hello! I have the same problem but in my case I can not select the domain education the program tells me that I do not have permission. What can I do to be able to select the domain that I need :roll_eyes:

Be sure you are logging in with an admin level account - one with system manager role

thanks for answering, yes, I’m logging from a manager account