Table MultiSelect feature (sponsored by Seibert Media)

Dear All,

Happy to share that Seibert Media (@Martin_Seibert) has sponsored the development of Table MultiSelect feature.

This was frequently requested by many community members as this is very intuitive and quick and results in better user experience.
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Instead of a child table and ‘Add Row’ button, you can simply select multiple values in the same field.

This feature has been developed by @netchampfaris and is available in the latest develop version.

Link to PR: New Control: Table MultiSelect by netchampfaris · Pull Request #6675 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Documentation is available here

Below is the GIF showing Table MultiSelect field in action.



@Basawaraj_Savalagi when and in which version this feature will be in the master branch? Will work user permission on that type of field like on a link field?

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How to add multi-select in child table, I tried but the child table is not working properly.

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Table MultiSelect is working in DocType, When I tried in child table the table is not working.

Will this feature appear in v11 master. I had to switch to the develop branch to get it to appear.

new features only go into the develop branch (that is the mechanics of the ERPNext/Frappe development) and likewise they only appear in the next stable branch (v12 in this case). There are no feature backported into the current master. I guess at some point someone may come up with the idea of a backport branch, but that will require quite some coordinated community effort in order to be maintained.

From my experience thus far the Community is not well enough organized and structured yet to successfully get such a thing going (example: the initiative for LTS versions never went very far).

The current master (v11 as of now) only receives bug fixes, no new features


this feature will be available in v12

Does this still not work in Frappe 12.0.18?

Everything is setup, selection is working but does not save. I’m still having this issue:

About my setup:

  • No conflicting JS
  • Env:
    ERPNext: v12.1.8 (version-12)
    Frappe Framework: v12.0.18 (version-12)

@szufisher as created a workaround here:

I just applied to merge the pr into v12 only, but till now there is no any review and feedback on the new PR, please be patient.

Or you can adapt the code based on the PR to your self hosted instance. if you need further help please kindly let me know.


Hi @szufisher

I have forked Frappe and applied your PR for this project. Now trying to figure out how to set up Link Multiselects

Principle is the same as Table Multiselect pretty much.

Create a custom doctype, go to your desired doctype to put the field, create a new custom field and select Link Multiselect.

Hey I just tested this on Frappe Framework: v12.0.19 (version-12) I cannot replicate the issue.


Please have a look at:

Issue with Multiselect instead of Childtable and their Dashboard Reference: