USA Based service providers

hi all, not using erpnext yet but considering it. there are not usa based developers on the website, is there any that anyone can recommend? mainly want to get pricing based on our scope to set it up. prefer us based due to time zone differences and logistics…or if you have other suggestions or comments please let me know. thanks!

@clarkej heads North American chapter, and is most likely to know

Thank you Trent and welcome to ERPNext aavaughan -

Besides sifting through this forum, three other suggestions for you to check out

These Chapters are on and the rest here are not

This lists

Or you can post your requirements here

Are there any active chapters in USA at this time?

I do know there was a developer / user group in the northeast. I believe them met in Boston last year. Get creative with search terms here on the forum and I bet you can locate their discussions.


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@shareeef You can start here:

Hope that helps.


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Hi! :slight_smile:

We are based in New York city and support, Configure, customize erpnext.

Drop me a line :slight_smile:

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@dude613 Thanks for the info. We are in NJ, trying to do same for some of our clients. I will get in touch with you.

@shareeef @dude613 Hey guys, I’m in New Hampshire and doing ERPNext/Frappe work. We ended up not doing out annual meeting because of Covid and it fell off the radar for this winter.


Thanks @tmatteson. Looking forward to one in future.

Anyone interested in a Zoom get together?

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i would be!

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I’m interested as well.