Attendance and overtime?

I observe that overtime and hourly pay is addressed at two places in erpnext -
1> Timesheets in Projects
2> Hourly Pay in civil contracting app
However both of these are not ideal to be used for manufacturing or other industries.

I believe even if someone is not paid overtime, there are many roles where it is useful to review the effort being put in by the employee.

I am sure many customizations already exist to address this issue, as it is a fairly common practice to pay overtime.

Can developers here share the bounty required to create/share this enhancement?

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Hi @LifeP! You may open a github issue for this as a feature enhancement and I am pretty sure devs would be willing to share their thoughts there. Thanks!

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I’ve gone through a lot of threads/issues here and on github relating to timesheets, timelogs, over-time & attendance. There have been many requests over the years from end-users while developers have their own valid point of duplicating the same thing.

These are some points that I think need discussion and thought by developers -

  1. Are timelogs efficient for storing daily data for say 100-200 workers and above?

  2. Data entry needs to be easier. From what I understand this would solve most of the recurring demands for this topic of overtime.

  3. Timelogs only address work hours with respect to billables/projects. They don’t address salary (& overtime) payment, which maybe at different rates to normal pay.

Probable solution -

  1. Enable Entry and exit time-stamps for all employees. Fill these directly into time-logs, (with option to split time lengths for work done as in time log, if we really want to merge those two. Data entry could be automated by importing timestamps from csv files. This way everyone can continue to use whatever attendance machines they are using.)

  2. Define shift timings along with holiday list for employees.

  3. Define overtime payment rate.

  4. Set rules for minimum hours for half day/ attendance etc.

  5. Calculate overtime hours. Then do salary calculations for overtime and mark attendance.
    –Scenario A) Employee doesn’t get paid for overtime, Just attendance. -->Set OT pay rate to zero.
    –Scenario B) Employee get’s paid per hour only. -->Simply set shift to zero hours. Paid overtime rate only.
    – Scenario C) Employee paid attendance+overtime → This is the basic scenario what the above system is defined for.

I think this could really make the erpnext attendance and HR system really robust without duplicating code, like for civil contracting and projects, etc.

As for merging time logs with attendance. The workflow should be -

  1. Mark attendance (time in and time out).
  2. Then enter work done between those times (time log as is)
  3. Report idle time/ billed time etc. in percentage.

I am happy to pitch in (do shared development/ get developed/ open bounty) for this but would really appreciate the senior developers’ viewpoint on this. @umair

If the time logs are “efficient” enough to handle a large number of employees/workers, then we might just need to create -

  1. Easier data entry - (Not linked to Projects)
  2. Easier/Automated pay-slips based on attendance. ie. Generate multiple pay-slips in one go.

Any feedback?

I would like to support this feature request. The essence of good software is usability. When you have users repeatedly request for the same thing that means it’s a pain point that should be addressed.

Lots of time in the real world, people do overtime not because of any particular project. Would not make sense to always link this feature to Project and time sheets. They are just regular office workers doing overtime.

I hope the ERPNext team can expedite this request because you have a great software. This feature would make it much better.

I’ve tried many open source ERP systems. You are by a wide margin the best out there.



Just to provide additional info: company I’m working in a company where overall time from attendance time-stamps is a component of salary formula. Company has above 70 employees. We use our own time-attendance software, but it would be easier to manage if it would be part of erp (analyzing possibility of integrating into erpnext).

Any new updates on this topic?? since we face the same scenarios in implementing employees overtime.

thanks in advance.

Check this PR for Overtime Feature.

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