Changing the default dashboard page after login

I want to change the page the user access after logging in from desk to a module interface for example instead of accessing the desk the user access the selling module directly without passing on the desk icons.

i think i have to edit in hooks but i have no idea about the method to call while changing that route.
any help is welcome.


you can create and set web page as your homepage. The setting for the same is available in Website Setting. But you can’t set listview or module view as a homepage for now.

Thanks Sangram,

how can i add an html page as the dashboard instead of desk then, not the homepage.


Check this - Web Page

Also, you can create a web page by adding HTML file under www folder.

Yes the default home page is not configurable (but should be an easy fix)

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Hello @rmehta thanks for the reply,

is there any resources explaining how to do it?


Depends on motivation :slight_smile: Share your use case.

There is a custom app inside that site but the user want to access that app directly after logging in or access a custom dashboard instead of icons on the desk to facilitate prodctivity.

What does the custom app do? Is it contributable?

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The app does manage fiber installations, and automatic billing when a billing time is reached

Like a subscription?

Yes subscription is needed but i intend to use the v9 one


Just to chime in on this… I think it’s about time the default Desk landing page got re-worked. I believe most people who log into an ERP would rather be met with configurable Dashboards that show critical statistics than a group of icons/shortcuts. If we could have a landing page that is ‘widgetized’, that would be awesome! There could be widgets for Shortcuts, Dashboards, Communication etc depending on user preference and requirement. I think the amount of interest in the thread below speaks for itself:

In the meantime, we’d be happy to just have the landing page (Desk) theme-able :slight_smile:

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Any solution for this, or adding a page in www as the dashboard the user access after login?

I already designed a simple page getting the data through get context, the issue now is how to check the role on login and redirect on the page in the www; any advice?

Please see How to hide desk# - #4 by chabito79 for a quick and dirty solution

I am making a property management system that manages tenants, billing, maintenance work orders, etc. Surely contributable once I have the setup ready. Need to write hooks to create base submitted invoices and subscriptions automatically. I also want to have a dashboard upon login depending on user to see current list of pending tenant payments, to be vacant properties, etc.

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Agree to this suggestion. Per user dashboard would be great. Will boost end user liking in the product a lot from my perspective.

This has been dealt with by hooks boot session modification…

Just simply create the page you wish to redirect to then edit your boot session home page to redirect to it for a given user/role via a method.

Any example how to do this?